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Children's Home Namibia

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Since January 2023 Acacia Namibia is supporting the project “Children’s Home Namibia”.

Aim of "Children's Home Namibia"

The Children’s Home Namibia association aims to collect donations and other financial support for disadvantaged and abused children in Namibia.

Children’s Home Namibia focuses primarily on the Katutura township and aims to help these children obtain a school education, a job, or even the opportunity to pursue higher education.

The association supports various projects, children’s homes, and women who provide these children with a home. This includes women and families who take in multiple children, known as “extended families.” Children’s Home Namibia also provides loans to students who would otherwise be unable to pursue their studies due to financial constraints.

The association primarily advocates for children who bear no responsibility for their challenging life circumstances. The goal of Children’s Home Namibia is to provide these children with a better life by offering them education and training opportunities. Children’s Home Namibia aspires to help them achieve a good education, find employment, or even pursue higher education.

Children's Home Namibia


If you want to support Children’s Home Namibia, please donate to one of the following bank account:

Donation Account / Spendenkonto

Children’s Home Namibia e.V.

IBAN: DE62 7606 9559 0001 2657 09


VR-Bank Nürnberg eG

Please add as reference “Children’s Home Namibia”. If you need a donation receipt please contact us. If you are planning your next trip to Namibia you can also help and take toys, pens, etc. with you and drop it directly at our office.

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